Seeking for the services of the Consultant to conduct an Organisation Assessment

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19th July 2021


Cheshire Homes Society of Zambia (CHSZ) is the Strategic Partner Organisation (SPO) of Liliane Foundation (LF) and has been since 2005. As SPO, CHSZs roles and responsibilities are largely:

  • The SPO effectively manages the program cycle, the grant provision, and the partnerships with the Partner Organizations; The SPO is responsible to identify, select and assess capacities of local POs that can participate in the network which will implement the CBR oriented policies and the directions of the LF/SPO. The network partners need to be supported to become financially and strategically reliable local POs, they need to be CBR minded organisations with good grassroots knowledge on disability.
  • The SPO monitors, guides and facilitates the implementation of the policy by the local partner organisations, monitors the work of the POs and facilitates their capacity development trajectories.
  • The SPO should have a diverse and healthy financial base and a culture of being transparent in their communication with local partner organisations and Liliane Foundation in the Netherlands.
  • The SPO, in consultation and/or partnership with their network of POs identifies significant lobby and advocacy issues, addresses these issues collectively, or as SPO, with relevant stakeholders (government, civil society) with the aim to optimize services and opportunities for children with disabilities.


LF conducts organisational assessments of SPOs as a standard procedure. The purpose of these assessments is to identify the strengths of the organisation as well as the elements to improve. Along these lines, it is especially relevant to acquire concrete and practical recommendations through this assessment. The findings will inform Liliane Foundation on how best to support the SPO to enhance its capacity in view of ensuring a high quality programme for children with disabilities, during the next phase of the strategic partnership.

Approach and methodology

The Liliane Foundation favours a participatory approach for this Organisational Assessment. The reasons are that it ensures that the views of all key actors will be heard and the conclusions can be drawn together, which facilitates recognition and respect for the ensuing decisions. Lastly the implementation of the capacity development plan will be greatly facilitated, as it has become the common plan.

Time Estimation 6th September to 6th October 2021

Activities Dates
·                Interviews stakeholders: 2 days 6th to 7th Sept 2021
·                Interviews of staff CHSZ: 2 days 8th to 9th Sept 2021
·                Visiting PO’s and programme sites: 10 days 10th  to 23rd Sept 2021
·                Drawing conclusions from these activities: 1 day 24th Sept 2021
·                Refining the programme for the workshops: 1 day 27th Sept 2021
·                Implementing the workshops: 2 days 28th to 29th Sept 2021
·                Preparation (including briefing meeting Board and Management and finalising the (ToR) and Reporting: 6 29th Sept to 30th Sept


1st Oct to 6th Oct 2021

Total working days – +/- 24days.  

consultant Profile

The consultant preferably meets the following profile:

  • Training at university level with at least five years of work experience, three of which is in developing countries;
  • Specializing in assessments of organisations, management and administration;
  • Experience with participatory approaches and methods;
  • Experience with training / capacity building in networks of organisations with similar missions while respecting the identity of each organisation;
  • Experience with, or at least a good knowledge of programmes for persons / children with disabilities;
  • Knowledge of the Child Empowerment programme;
  • Excellent knowledge of the English language (reading, writing and speaking).


The final report shall be written in a clear, plain and concise manner in the English language and not exceeding twenty pages (excluding annexes).


The interested agencies and applicants should a complete application file comprising the following:

  1. A letter of interest addressed to the National Coordination, Cheshire Homes Society of Zambia
  2. A Technical Proposal and budget for undertaking the assignment with CVs of Consultant and team members.

The Interested applicants are expected to email their applications the above documents to & by 13th August 2021


Cheshire Homes Society of Zambia (CHSZ), Archie Hinchcliffe Disability foundation (AHDI), Holy Family Centre (HFC) and Twatasha Disabled and OVC Organization(TDO) seeks the services of an experienced Consultant to conduct a baseline study for its project called ‘The Zambia Enhanced CBR Response Program’ which is to be implemented in Lusaka, Kafue and Monze.
Objectives of the baseline Survey
1) To establish a solid baseline regarding the eco-social situation of children with disabilities and their parents/families in the project areas
2) To establish a baseline regarding the current levels of inclusion of children with disabilities and their parents/families in the project areas
3) To establish the existence of CBR/CBID network at National and project level and the types of services offered
4) To identify practical competencies needed for various stakeholders i.e., Volunteers, caregivers, CWACs, staff and key stakeholders
5) To find out what barriers to inclusion and participation exist in the communities and among service providers that affect quality of life of children with disabilities and their parents

Lead Consultant/s Qualifications
• The Lead Consultant/s should have at least a Master’s Degree in one of the following: Monitoring and Evaluation, Development Studies, Disability, Disability and Rehabilitation Studies, Social Work and Research related fields or any other relevant qualifications.
• A proven record in delivering effective and professional evaluation results in project studies.
• Excellent communication, analysis, writing and report presentation skills in English (Essential);
• Experience in collecting and analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data
Qualified, experienced and interested consultants are kindly requested to submit the following documents;
• Understanding of the Terms of Reference (ToR)
• Details of the proposed methodology
• Schedule of evaluation activities
• Proposed budget and time frame
• CV/s of lead consultant(s).
to the following by 31st December, 2020
Persons with Disabilities (PWD) are encouraged to apply.