Lobby and Advocacy Project on Disaster Risk Management

In view of a number of disaster issues such as refugees, floods, drought and fires that Zambia has experienced, CHSZ (Strategic Partner Organization-SPO) has seen a serious need to collaborate with other stakeholders in order to alleviate the challenges and difficulties that persons with disabilities and their families encounter during such disasters.  To this effect, the SPO will engage in the following:

  1. Network with POs in the border areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola on offering food/agriculture support to persons with disabilities
  2. Network with POs and other stakeholders such as the AHA on the integration of persons with disabilities and their families into communities by offering livelihood and food security interventions
  3. Identification/assessment of victims for interventions and link them to rehabilitative programmes in/outside the Refugee Camps
  4. Integration of children with disabilities into schools and offer educational support by networking with school managements
  5. Networking with government departments especially the Office of the Vice President which is responsible for Disaster Risk Management
  6. Linking persons with disabilities to the District or Community Committees on DRM for inclusion on disaster preparedness issues
  7. Lobby and advocate for inclusive policies on DRM
  8. Training persons with disabilities in DRM and preparedness