Inclusive Education Project

Cheshire Homes Society of Zambia National Office in conjunction with Ministry of General Education (MoGE)  implemented successfully an Inclusive Education Project in Southern Province with financial help from Leonard Cheshire International. CHSZ is now scaling up the Inclusive Education Project in Eastern Province.

This project will enhance life chances of 750 children with disabilities by improving their enrollment, retention and learning in 30 mainstream primary schools in the Eastern Province of Zambia.  In order to achieve this, the following groups of activities will be implemented:

  1. Conduct sight, hearing and health assessment of children, providing assistive devices, medical support and rehabilitation as necessary
  2. Hold sensitisation workshops for parents and community members on disability, Inclusive Education and the rights of children with disabilities; establish child to child clubs and parent support groups ( with livelihoods support for parents)
  3. Train 100 teachers and 30 School Management Committees in inclusive teaching methods
  4. Undertake school infrastructure adaptations in order to improve accessibility, and support schools with educational materials

Hold sensitization workshops on disability, Inclusive education and the rights of children with disabilities for Governments Officials, Community Based Organisations (CSOs) and Disabled People Organizations (DPOs); attend meetings with relevant Government ministries to discuss Inclusive Education and educational needs of children with disabilities; attend educational working group meetings to advocate for greater focus on the education of children with disabilities.