Lobby and Advocacy Project on SRH & GBV

One of our upcoming project is ‘Lobby and Advocacy Project on Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) and Gender Based Violence (GBV)’.

The SRH and gender based project employs a Rights Based Approach that is meant to empower youth with disabilities as agents of change to make informed choices about their health and protect themselves from Gender based violence, HIV infection, exercise their rights to prevention, quality treatment, care and support.

This project will be supported by Lilianefonds and provisionally to be funded by USAID as the SPO await for feedback. The strategy adopted aims at providing SRH and GBV information, education, and skills which would improve the attitudes and behaviors of 1000 youth on broader issues of reproductive health and sexuality. A total of 150 youth (Trainer of Trainers-ToTs) will be directly trained by CHSZ as Advocates for Action who would carry out advocacy activities on accessibility, availability and affordability of  SRH, GBV and HIV/AIDS information and services for PwDs at all levels using the structures and events and festivals for HIV and AIDS with POs.

Trained as agents of change, the 1000 young people will engage with government, politicians, media, the community at large and other stakeholders using a range of methods to bring about changes in SRH policy implementation, in order to positively alter their access to health services.

The SRH-GBV will promote advocacy through;

i) Information Communication and Technology (ICT), ii) Edusports, iii) Edutainment