Child Empowerment Program


Through Child Empowerment Program, CHSZ support children with disabilities through two strategic intervention that is child development and enabling environment.

Child Development: It addresses the child’s impairment, improving their functioning and making children resilient and self aware. Parents play a key role.

Enabling environment : This is about reducing the barriers that hinder the participation of children with disabilities in society.

In line with the CHSZ Strategic Development Plan (2016-2021), CHSZ has adopted Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) as a main strategy for child empowerment program. CBR is a strategy within general community development for rehabilitation, equalization of opportunities, poverty reduction and social inclusion of person with disabilities. Key domains of CBR matrix are health, education, livelihood, social and empowerment.

CHSZ implements CBR through the combined efforts of person with disabilities, their families and communities, and their appropriate health, Education, Vocation and Social Services.

 This programme supports educational, Social and medical rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities and it is implemented through our 25 Partner Organisations across Zambia. The Objective of this programme are-

  1. To provide medical rehabilitation to children with disabilities through surgical operations and therapies such as physiotherapy, occupation therapy among others.
  2. To provide assistive devices such as mobility aids and hearing aids
  3. To provide educational support to children with disabilities through the provision of school fees, school uniforms and books.
  4. To ensure that children with disabilities are included in participation of activities at home setting and community level.