Work and Income


  1. Children who fail to do well at school, eventually drop out and they lack any other means of support to enable them contribute meaningfully in society.
  2. There is high unemployment levels among youngsters with disabilities.
  3. Lack of skills training centres for youth with disabilities.
  4. Children with disabilities and their families cannot afford to meet the daily basic needs as most of them live below the poverty datum line.
  5. Lack of deliberate Policy by the Government  to compel companies or Government Ministries to employ person with disabilities.


  1. To empower youngsters with disabilities between the ages of 18 – 25 to become financially self reliant.
  2. To facilitate vocational training to enable youngsters with disabilities to gain employment or start their own businesses.
  3. To economically empower persons with disabilities through employment in the general employment sector and or engage in small scale business entrepreneurship.
  4. To facilitate micro credit loan scheme for small scale entrepreneurship to engage in running of small scale businesses on a self-employed basis.
  5. To conduct advocacy campaign to facilitate job placement for persons with disabilities through the Disabled People’s Organisation (DPOs).