The Cheshire Homes Society Zambia Inclusive Education comes through for Young Emmanuel Phiri

The Cheshire Homes Society of Zambia Inclusive Education Project is positively impacting the lives of more than 400 children with disabilities in Eastern Province through various intervention. The Project recently facilitated Emmanuel Phiri aged 15yrs old with physical disability and in grade 4 for surgery.

Emmanuel had an injury which caused dislocation of the bones and eventual physical disability. His family was unable to sponsor him for treatment in Lusaka due to inadequate finances. Upon being enrolled at Kabvumbe school (Petauke), the Inclusive Education Project facilitated for his travel to Lusaka and was treated at Beit Cure Hospital. Emmanuel is now ok and even able to play football with his friends.

Upon being interviewed Emmanuel Phiri indicated as follows, “I am extremely grateful to Cheshire Homes Society of Zambia for helping me to get my normal life back and I can now even play football with my friends. May God continue to bless Cheshire.”

Cheshire Homes Society Zambia has been a part of many a child / person with a disability’s life and we shall continue to be there for many more,with the help and support of all out there,those that have been with us all this while (we are eternally grateful) and those yet to come forth,the future is bright if we stand together. #leavenoonebehind

(Below are pictures of Emmanuel and friends.Starting with Before the surgery and then followed by after the surgery as he plays with friends.)

The Youth Action Project – The Youths with a disability monitor Parliamentarian debates

Last week, on the 5th of July,2019, the Youths with Disabilities attended the parliamentarian sitting. They were monitoring parliamentarian debates to assess how often motions on disability issues are raised by parliamentarians during their sittings.
The Youth Actions on the ‘Implementation and Monitoring of Disability Rights in Zambia’ Project under Cheshire Homes Society of Zambia is funded by the European Union to empower Youths with Disabilities to advocate for their rights. #nooneshouldbeleftbehind

More on their findings and experience to be published in the next blog.