Job Advert; CBR Coordinator at Cheshire National Office.




Job title: CBR Coordinator – Zambia Enhanced CBR Response Programme (ZECREP)
Reporting to: National Coordinator –Cheshire Homes Society of Zambia (CHSZ)
Location: Lusaka, Zambia
Working hours: Full Time
Duration of position: The project is a four year project; the contract will be for One year renewable till the end of the project.
Start date: 1 August 2020

Purpose of the Job
The CBR coordinator’s mission is to maintain and promote the smooth and efficient daily implementation of the “Zambia Enhanced CBR Response Programme” project She/he will provide management, guidance, support and trainings to the project’s partners and stakeholders, including, partner’s staff, Disabled Peoples Organizations, Service Providers and Local Authorities in the implementation of activities.
The CBR coordinator line manages the direct project staff, even though they are from other organizations, and works in close cooperation with administrative staff of the partner organizations to manage the implementation of project especially ensuring:

i) Liaison with all projects stakeholders, including project partners, service providers, local authorities and participants at all levels;
ii) Implementation and coordination of operational plans, financial and programmatic monitoring and reporting according to the project cycle management and M&E mechanisms established;
iii) Coordination of communication, documents and publications.

S/he will maintain and promote smooth and efficient daily implementation of the projects and its activities and an efficient and constructive liaison with the projects’ teams and stakeholders involved in the project. S/he will provide support, training and advice to the project’s partners to develop and build their organizational capacities and technical skills.

Job Responsibilities
In close coordination with the National Coordinator, the CBR coordinator is responsible for:
 Managing project operations and developing and maintaining partnerships with stakeholders.
 Preparing on a regular basis the project planning, monitoring, reporting, reviews and publications together with project’s internal and external stakeholders.
 Actively contributing to the project’s evaluations, lessons learned and to new projects’ assessments and design.
 Providing guidance to project officers and CBR focal persons to enhance the quality of their own planning, monitoring, reporting, reviews and lessons learned.
• Assist the National Coordinator in developing and revising the yearly project strategy, activity planning and budget
• Together with the National Coordinator and the representatives of the project partners develop the MOU of the steering committee.
• Develop monthly/quarterly and yearly work plans for the team members, ensuring appropriate support and follow up for their implementation
• Document management: Maintain the paper and digital archives
• Manage the project’s team by developing result-oriented yearly action plans, subdivided in quarterly plans.
• Ensure managerial support and guidance in the implementation of activities
• Liaise closely with project team members and provide guidance in the relationships with the partners.
• Steering committee (SC): organize, prepare and report to the steering committee. Ensure outcomes are communicated. Ensure that terms of references and/or reports that need to be approved by the SC are developed with input of the project officers and/or other stakeholders
• Ensure daily administrative contacts and communications between partners, project and administration
• Coordinate and liaise with other project staff of CHSZ
• Establish and maintain excellent communication between the project and the authorities and third parties.
• Coordinate the development and renewal of contracts between CHSZ and partners
• Monitor enforcement and respect of contracts between CHSZ and partners and propose adjustments when needed
• Provide general management support and guidance to partners for the implementation of activities, daily management or organisation and technical development, as required and according to the needs.
• Support partners drawing up and revising their activity plans. Ensure partners have appropriate project action plans, with a breakdown of activities and related budgets.
• Monitor the relevance of partners’ project technical implementation plans according to the project plan
• Support partners in assessing their progress and in conducting regular review meetings
• Coordinate with all relevant staff and partners to analyse each partners’ project progress and propose corrective action on a monthly, quarterly, annual and ad hoc basis.
• Coordinate with finance and all relevant staff to analyse the budget follow-up of each partner, and provide recommendations for each partner.
• Monitor the compliance of partners with CHSZ rules and regulations, contracts and legal frameworks.
• Monitor the quality of partners’ interaction with local, district and national authorities and other stakeholders.
• Coordinate and facilitate interactions between CHSZ and partners for finalisation of yearly budgets
• Analyse financial reports submitted by partners: coordinate with the administrative department for accounting validation; check validity of expenditure in accordance with the budget, timeframe and activity planning; respect CHSZ financial rules; report to the National Coordinator for final approval.
• Monitoring of financial management by partners in the field in cooperation with the administrative department. Propose adjustments, advice and provide support when necessary
• Analyse financial reports submitted by partners: coordinate with the administrative department for accounting validation; check validity of expenditure in accordance with the budget, timeframe and activity planning; respect CHSZ financial rules; report to the National Coordinator for final approval.
• The CBR coordinator ensures the quality of project data and drafts reports for the National Coordinators review.
• Disseminates evaluations, studies, reports etc. to relevant project staff and partners, examines the reflections and guides project staff and partners to design, document and implement corrective action and minute action points decided for review by the National Coordinator and LF advisor.
• Ensures the organisation of major project meetings and events (e.g. Quarterly/annual reviews, Project Steering Committees etc) and develop meeting minutes / actions points.


Essential Qualifications:
• CBR background; preferably training abroad
• Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management, Development Studies or any other relevant qualification. A master’s degree will be an added advantage.

Essential other requirements:
• At least three years’ experience in community based rehabilitation
• Experience in working in the community and with volunteers
• Experience in working with multiple stakeholders
• At least 5 years’ experience working in the field of disability, rehabilitation, development, or social work.
• Experience of developing and managing effective relationships with government Ministries/Department and other stakeholders.
• Ability to travel within Zambia and ready to work with rural and vulnerable communities.
• Excellent written and spoken communication skills (English).
• Excellent interpersonal skills.
• Able to work in a team environment.
• Experience in managing institutional donor funds.
• Ability to work independently and ready to work outside normal work hours.
• Good understanding of budgets and financial management.
• Excellent computer knowledge and skills.

How to Apply: Applicant must submit their credentials that is CV and cover letter to or Mailing Address to The National Coordinator P.O BOX 320059, Lusaka before 25th July 2020.